Authentic Slovenian gin of carefully selected unique tastes. it does not matter if you are a connoisseur of gin or not. all you have to do is follow your senses and take some time. you do not have to go anywhere, either. enjoy here, in this very moment, in the flavour, smell and taste of our gins.

Each one of our bottles if full of sunlight radiating from meticulously selected juniper berries from the Karst region.We add botanicals in the gin, found in Slovenia, and in this way put together original combinations of flavors.

Bela krajina

As appropriate for someone from Bela krajina (White Carniola), our first series of gins, Green George (Zeleni Jurij) and Lepa Anka, is a homage to Bela krajina. Green George as well as Lepa Anka are well-known characters of Bela krajina folklore, and they remain deeply present in the lives of the people of Bela krajina to this day.