Our gin package redesign

Our gins in a new guise – our most popular products have received a specially designed packaging that makes them even more attractive and practical for our customers.

New package

After three years of existence, our best-selling products have received a new look – we have created cardboard graphic boxes (package) for them, which customers cannot overlook on the shelf. The design was entrusted to designer Kristina Smodila.

The concept of the boxes is connected to the origin of the ingredients themselves – in the garden, meadow, bush, or tree, where only the best aromas thrive in the sunny position.

Each herb, fruit, and flower adds a piece to this beautiful story, but above all, a fulfilled taste. We mixed the classic label style with the addition of botanical elements, which nicely soften the shape and take us to places with a gentle breeze, warmth, and intoxicating scents of nature.

In addition to the beautifully crafted packaging, we have also created a brochure with a comprehensive presentation of our distillery and our products.

Our current gin selection

Bela krajina series

Green George / Zeleni Jurij – Our first multi-award-winning gin is a gin of selected flavor, with which we pay tribute to the diverse Slovenian landscape of Bela Krajina. According to Bela Krajina folklore, Zeleni Jurij is the good man, dressed in birch leaves, who brings awakening, abundance, and growth. Therefore, every spring, the people of Bela Krajina widely open the doors of their homes to him. This tradition is expressed through carefully selected local ingredients in Zeleni Jurij gin, typical of Bela Krajina: birch water, rosehip, elderflower, chamomile, and yarrow.

Fair Ann / Lepa Anka – The flavor of cumin, juniper berries, dill, fennel, with the addition of Bela Krajina honey and resting in oak barrels, reminds us of the landscape and its cuisine. The “akvavit” style gives Fair Ann gin a special aromatic note of cumin and a characteristic taste that takes us to Bela Krajina. There, the Bela Krajina housewives warmly welcome us with Bela Krajina flatbread seasoned with cumin. The ingredients in Fair Ann gin are characteristic of this diverse landscape and its cuisine.

Ciciban – The Bela Krajina series is rounded off by “alcohol-free” gin, i.e., a non-alcoholic distilled beverage made from natural plant distillates, water, and citric acid.

Slovenian sea coast series

Belin is the first Slovenian gin made using the traditional method called “bathtub” (soaking in a tub). This method involves soaking selected herbs in alcohol – in our case, in a previously prepared gin distillate. The soaking of herbs is also the reason why the product gains a slight color. The main ingredients are: Sage, savory, citrus, and a pinch of Piran salt.

Adriana – The inspiration for creating our blue gin was found in the legend of the formation of the Adriatic Sea. The blue color, which magically turns into violet upon the addition of tonic (just as the eyes of beautiful Adriana changed), originates from the flowers of the butterfly pea. The botany in the gin is typically coastal, as it includes rosemary, thyme, lavender, lime leaves, and a hint of sea salt.

You can already find the new products in our gin store.