Slovenian gin

Gin’s global revival has reached Slovenia, where locals are crafting unique, high-quality gins. This trend has sparked the rise of craft micro-distilleries, establishing ‘Slovenian gin’ as a recognized term.

Gin is an alcoholic drink that’s been making a real comeback worldwide in the past decade, including right here in Slovenia. Slovenian folks, along with gin makers, have jumped on the bandwagon, enjoying and crafting high-quality, one-of-a-kind gins that proudly represent their local roots. We Slovenians aren’t left out of the loop on this one. In fact, thanks to this trend, we’ve seen a bunch of craft micro-distilleries popping up across Slovenia. And now, ‘Slovenian gin’ is a term you’ll hear thrown around.

Slovenian gin distilleries

The known Slovenian micro-distilleries crafting gin are as follows:

  • Gin Brin from Rodik
  • Karakter Distillery from Bohinj
  • Beyond Mura Distillery from Domžale
  • Svarog Distillery from Maribor
  • Broken Bones Distillery from Ljubljana
  • Pozvačin Distillery from Črenšovci
  • Komar’s gin from Sežana
  • AP gin from Slovenj Gradec
  • Petriot Distillery from Ljubljana

It should be emphasized that the Slovenian gin market is dynamic and constantly evolving. There are also other distilleries and producers contributing to the growth and recognition of Slovenian gin. But most importantly: Every distillery has its unique characteristics, each contributes to the diversity of offerings, each has its own story and its fervent supporters. Our gin is also beginning to make its mark beyond our borders. Slovenian distillers are entering various international competitions, where we receive the finest accolades. This proves our gin’s quality and competitiveness against other providers.

Slovenian gin festivals

With the development of gin itself, events and festivals related to gin and domestic distillation have begun to emerge. These events are where enthusiasts can easily familiarize themselves with the available offerings and also with the producers themselves. The most well-known ones are as follows:

  • Gin&Brin festival – The festival of gin and juniper brandy with the longest tradition in Slovenia, held annually in Dutovlje in the Karst region.
  • Festival Ginola – The festival of Slovenian craft gin, which has been held since 2022 at the market near the botanical garden of the University in Maribor in Pivola, municipality of Hoče-Slivnica.
  • International festival of spirits – an event organized by the Society of Homemade Spirits Enthusiasts