Petriot proudly presents their first gin

We are extremely proud in Petriot Distillery that our first Din has seen the light of day: Green George. indeed, our smile is exactly the same as that of a father holding his firstborn in his arms for the first time. We are happy and hope that all of you lovers of gin rejoice with us!

Without further ado. This is the first gin from the Bela krajina series. In addition to Green George, this series will also include the Lepa Alenka gin. Green George as well as Lepa Alenka are recognizable characters in the Bela krajina folklore. 

Green George is a good man, dressed in birch leaves, bringing awakening, abundance, and growth. He is much loved by the people of Bela krajina. Each spring they give him a warm welcome, invite him into their homes with open arms and give thanks to him through dancing and singing. 

This tradition comes to life with local ingredients used in the Green George gin, typical of Bela krajina: birch water, rosehip, chamomile, and yarrow.

Personal ID:

  • Name: Gin Petriot – Green George
  • Character: aromatic, distinguished
  • Botanicals: birch water, rosehip, camomile, yarrow
  • Type: London Dry
  • Contents: 0.70 L
  • Alcohol by volume: 40 %