We care about our planet – reuse our bottle

In Petriot distillery we care about our planet. Less packaging means less pressure on the environment. We propose you couple of ideas how to reuse our empty bottle.

Our story is greatly intertwined with nature, that is why we feel responsible to give back as much as possible. We made a commitment to make sustainable business operation one of key elements of our business strategy, and to continue evolving our care for the environment.

In Petriot distillery we support the concept of reuse. Less packaging means less pressure on the environment, which especially holds true of glass. Glass is a great natural material with big potential for reuse.

And here are some of our suggestions on how to breathe in a new life to the Petriot gin bottle:

  • a glass bottle
  • a candlestick: bottle can be painted, embellished according to the purpose (Christmas time, summer garden, a touch of the sea) or left in its original form
  • a vase
  • children’s party: together with children you can paint the bottle with glass paints
  • a photo holder
  • a holder for the table number or the name of the invitee in the event of formal occasion with guests